Lazy Sunday’s

Ahhh Sundays, it used to be the day of rest…Oh wait, I have twins! So much changes when you have children, and one of the biggest is how I spend my Sundays.

(BK) Before Kids
(AK) After Kids

BK: Wake up at 10am realise it’s Sunday go back to sleep then wake up at midday!
AK: It’s 5.30am and the kids are already singing Baa Baa Black Sheep for the 7th time with a beautiful echo through the monitor!

BK: As you start to wake around midday, the aromas of the other half cooking brunch sets the belly rumbling and your hoping they bring it up to  bed…heaven!
AK: It’s 10am and it feels like you’ve been dragged through a bush! You start making lunch!

BK: Reading the Sunday Times as you sip your 2nd cup of hot coffee while snuggling in bed.
AK: Using the Sunday paper to make paper mache praying it will keep them quiet for ten minutes. Brilliant.

BK: You decide to take a leisurely Sunday stroll for some fresh air. Perhaps have a coffee and cake in the local cafe.
AK: Clean paper mache off everything in the house.

BK: A late Sunday lunch served in your local country pub. With the perfect roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and gravy…lovely.
AF: Kids are starving because you clearly haven’t fed them all day, quickly rush to McDonalds to shut them up. Our roast dinner is burning in the oven.

BK: Snuggle on the sofa and watch a movie with dessert.
AK: Sit through the 46th episode of Peppa Pig praying they will fall asleep soon.

Ahhh Sundays. I miss you but I would never change you for the world (well, maybe just once a month!)

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