Totally ‘ICONIC’

As a child I always remember certain party entertainers coming into the venue and putting on silly voices, possibly doing some little magic tricks and a few balloon demonstrations. Other times it was good old McDonalds with an appearance from Ronald himself and hyper children all totally overdosed with chips and nuggets.

Never has there been a time (in my life) where I can remember being wowed by a character/entertainer at a party.

At the age of 32 I can safely say my time has passed for such treats at my birthday party and it’s only right to live the dream through your children. I met the lovely Clare and Lily the owners of ICONIC parties a while back and was completely taken a back by what they do…They’re real life princesses! No seriously, they are!

I would like you to imagine sitting on the sofa with your little ones and watching ‘Frozen’ (for the millionth time) on tv. Now see your kids faces when that all important song comes on “let it go” and the whole living room has to break into a full on musical number (is that just my household?) Try to imagine your child’s face when the real Ana and Elsa walk through the door on their birthday and not only play the best party games with them but also break into song as well. This was what happened at the twins birthday party not so long ago. Fortunately, we were not only graced by these two characters but all the Disney Princesses of the land. Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel (tangled), Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Wonder WomanMoana. Of course not forgetting Jack Sparrow, Spiderman and OLAF! What struck me was how much they resembled the actual characters, they even sounded like them. I was in awe! Sorry I mean the twins were in awe! I would say it was like bumping into a famous person lets say for arguments sake Leonardo DiCaprio (I thought that might grab your attention!) and then spending ages asking for selfies with him, an autograph and perhaps a cuddle. This was the same feeling, a real life Disney character walks through the door and the children’s faces light up just like any mums would if it was Leo walking through the door.

The magic didn’t end with them singing and doing party games (prizes included!), there was a snow machine, glitter tattoo stand, a chance to hear them read a magical story to you. They even came out with the cake and sang Happy Birthday in a much better voice than mine and made it sound like a professional choir.

If I could I would hire ICONIC for my own birthday party (can I get away with it?)

I wish I could turn back time and have had this when I was a child, it’s magical and whats even more magical is your children’s faces. Watching them light up is possibly one of the best moments of my life and i’m so thankful ICONIC came into my life to make this happen.

A child’s mind only stays young for a short space of time, until that one person in the playground tells them that Santa is not real and laughs at them for believing in Prince and Princesses. Do you know what I mean? Cherish these moments, allow them to believe and have an amazing imagination, let their favourite character come in and make a dream come true. These will be memories that they’ll hold for a very long time and you can see the joy on their faces when they live it. 

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