Mama’s Boy

Now I finally understand the saying ‘Mother’s and their sons’ which is almost certainly accompanied with a tut and an eye roll. I couldn’t even tell you what it is about our boys that make us a little bit phycotic, but something triggers it. I say ‘our boys’ because we are all guilty of it, don’t even try to think your not! It doesn’t help that every time my boy cries and runs to me everybody makes the mummy’s boy comment! I mean who is he going to run to? A stranger? (Sorry here comes the physco haha!)

When I was younger for eight years I was the only child and then my little sister was born. I used to think my parents loved her more (this was of course my jealousy and lioness attention seeking character coming out!). But I remember my parents always saying “No, our love for you both is the same, but we love different things about you both that make you individual.” I get that now, to be honest I used to think it was a cop out answer and she was the favourite (still is!) But now, two children later I totally get what they meant. No cop out…its the truth.

Ali at the moment is all about mummy and Alizé couldn’t care less if I was standing in the room or not. I know in a few years time it will all change, but for now I’m making the most of it (as my mother in law keeps telling me to do!). Always one to tell me that my hubby used to cuddle and kiss her all the time, and now he just about says hello. At first I wondered if she was slightly obsessed with her son however, I slowly understood what she was saying when I thought about my son not giving me cuddles and kisses anymore… so i’m making the most of it!

Ali is named after my late father, he carries his full name and our surname Ali Kemal Safer. If I told you my dad had  mentioned naming any of my children after him a million times I wouldn’t be lying. I used to tell him to forget it and have full blown arguments that I would name my children normal modern names! After he died I longed to hear his name again, and I was fortunate to have had a boy to do so. He suits it, he didn’t at first but he really does now. Character and mannerisms start seeping through and I have to double take sometimes and make sure that is little Ali siting there not big. Somehow having all these lovely qualities makes me feel as if I have my dad sitting there again, perhaps this is the reason why everyone tells me I look at him differently. Its not because I love him any more, no way I love my baby girl the same. It’s just when you loose a big part of your life and then suddenly see things that you never thought you would see again, you stare that bit longer to embrace and relive the moment again.

Is being a mummy’s boy really that bad? I really don’t understand the problem? I was a daddy’s girl and I’m also a mummy’s girl! If you ask my sister she is also all of the above. I think every child is a mummy’s/daddy’s boy/girl, so for all those who make the comments Chill out!  After all, how lovely is it that your child loves you and for the time  being only has eyes for you! One day like we all know this will change and of course we will be in their minds but someone else will join or beat you to the number one slot. So in the words of my mother in law “make the most of it.”




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