About Me

Well hello there!

I can’t quite believe that I actually made it, feels a little surreal that I have my very own website to ramble on!

So apparently I have to write about myself in this section? Goodness, I don’t think I have thought about myself since 2015…where could I even begin?

Do I start from birth? How I was the ‘light’ that filled my parents lives! Perhaps I could begin with the time I started fancying boys…approximately aged 6. I could cover the stage of my life where my mother thought it would be a great idea to cut me a fringe, making me look even more dorky especially with the braces. Or when she thought to send me to an all-girls secondary school to get me away from boys, which apparently made me even more boy mad! Full of great ideas my mother…

So we have covered birth, boys, fringe, braces, more boys in one paragraph; Excellent.

I guess I’m just a girl who wanted to be everything, wanted to have everything and now realised that life is not as simple as that. No one has everything in their lives, there will always be a time when you will find yourselves uttering the words “I wish I had…” But certain things in life has taught me to be content with what I have around me and that’s all that matters.

Yes, I wanted to be an actress, a writer, a performer, a mother, a wife, a good daughter. I wanted a double fronted house with a garden the size of Hampstead Heath HA! I wanted to spend more time on a beach than I did at work and dangle Louis Vuitton’s from both arms and legs!

I do have some of those things…

I like to think I’m a good daughter, I’m a wife to the most amazing man in the world, a mother to the most beautiful yet annoying boy/girl twins, I’m sitting in my average sized garden writing this…hey its still a garden, right? Our whole life is one big performance, we sing and dance all day long in our house. With a background in theatre how else did I expect my family to turn out? And when I escape motherhood and swan off to work, I’m still jumping around all over the place teaching dance at Pineapple studios or fulfilling a dream job as editorial manager and blogger for Pineapple Arts 🙂 My inner performer still manages to make an appearance a few times a week!

Do I still really want everything? Well I have all the above and now I have You my readers, what more could I want?

I am your typical cockney mummy from North London, who tells it how it is, writes the way she speaks and only expresses herself from the heart.

If I can at least inspire, help or humour some of you the way I have been by my favourite bloggers, then my job here is done.

Enjoy and happy reading